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Dumping drugs puts traces of meds in taps

Any drugs that are unused or left over represent wasted healthcare resources and often lost opportunities to treat,” said Dr. ... Internat. , 2008, 34(8):1157-1169; available online.
February 2009

Internists becoming the ‘gatekeepers' for genetic testing

Matthew Taylor, MD, PhD, director of adult clinical genetics at the University of Colorado Denver, recommends the following online genetics resources for clinicians.
June 2012

Technology is unkind to the elderly

resources they needed. ... This group of people need, more than we younger folk, to have access to their medical records and to use the wealth of online resources to remain healthy or monitor diseases.
May 2022

Using technology for lifelong learning in medicine

It includes posts on staying healthy, links to apps pertinent to caring for patients in an emergency setting, resources for teaching in emergency medicine, as well as learning emergency medicine. ... I am curious what other online resources and
May 2022

PERSPECTIVES 4 ACPINTERNIST Most patients and physicians are very ...

them interpret what they find. In our cover story on page 1, StaceyButterfield delves into the online resources available to patients, looksat the pros and cons, and talks to physicians for ... To continue the Internet theme, we turn to physicians’
November 2013

Decision aids integral to shared decision making

While Dr. Soung noted that incorporating aids into the electronic health record would save time, for now they are typically available on paper and online. ... Dr. Cox recommended creating a list of five to 10 favorite decision aids to have available in
May 2019

Complexity of ‘migraineurs' challenges diagnosis, treatment

Migraines are a seemingly simple complaint for patients, but a diagnostic challenge for internists, who have to sort through the symptoms and potential causes. Sometimes, the treatment regimens are just as complex as the condition itself.
September 2012

Patients increasingly checking ‘Dr. Google’

Physicians should try out the online tools that their patients may be using, experts advised. ... meantime.”. “Online health information and symptom checkers are not intended to replace the doctor's visit,” agreed Dr.
November 2013

Use caution when seeking medical information online

But for medical topics, Wikipedia and similar online resources are usually best avoided, he and other experts said. ... Much better online resources are available,” said Dr. Lipson, who blogs about medical issues at and
July 2011

Textbook edition reflects evolution of hospital medicine

Practicing hospitalists usually prefer access to online resources. Therefore, they can purchase an individual online version of the textbook, or their hospital may subscribe to AccessMedicine.
February 2017

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