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Complexity of ‘migraineurs' challenges diagnosis, treatment

Migraines are a seemingly simple complaint for patients, but a diagnostic challenge for internists, who have to sort through the symptoms and potential causes. Sometimes, the treatment regimens are just as complex as the condition itself.
September 2012

Teaching ultrasound in Tanzania

The MD students will improve at this with practice and will need to use local as well as online resources to develop competency.
November 2020

Patients increasingly checking ‘Dr. Google’

Physicians should try out the online tools that their patients may be using, experts advised. ... meantime.”. “Online health information and symptom checkers are not intended to replace the doctor's visit,” agreed Dr.
November 2013

Use caution when seeking medical information online

But for medical topics, Wikipedia and similar online resources are usually best avoided, he and other experts said. ... Much better online resources are available,” said Dr. Lipson, who blogs about medical issues at and
July 2011

Textbook edition reflects evolution of hospital medicine

Practicing hospitalists usually prefer access to online resources. Therefore, they can purchase an individual online version of the textbook, or their hospital may subscribe to AccessMedicine.
February 2017

Practice Tips: Administrators are key to running a private practice

To help with that relationship, ACP and MGMA have collaborated to provide physicians and their administrators with online resources for the physician-administrator team. ... Margo Williams, MHA, CMPE, is a senior associate in ACP's Department of Medical
September 2014

Dementia care not just a prescription

Dr. Watt said. Physicians also can play a key role in directing family members and caregivers to resources that will help them isolate underlying triggers that might be linked to behaviors. ... DuBeau stressed. “It's a very powerful and appreciated
May 2020

Debunking HIPAA myths in the digital age

The GetMyHealthData campaign offers online resources for both patients and clinicians.).
April 2016

Helping patients navigate the Web is tricky, but worthwhile

In our story, Stacey Butterfield delves into the online resources available to patients, looks at the pros and cons, and talks to physicians for suggestions about how best to incorporate these ... To continue the Internet theme, we turn to physicians'
November 2013

Put patients in the driver's seat to steer toward better health

pursue a formal avenue for involvement may be able to employ self-directed strategies by tapping NHP's online resources. ... Pilot collaborative on self-management support. The resource contains detailed information on implementing the chronic care model
February 2008

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