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New ethics case study examines implications of resuscitation approaches

A case study developed by ACP's Ethics, Professionalism, and Human Rights Committee and the Center for Ethics and Professionalism addresses the ethical issues associated with “slow” or “show” codes.
23 May 2023

Universal health care: Why not?

The College recommends universal coverage, independent of a person's health status, income, employment, or place of residence, with essential benefits, adequate access, and lower administrative costs.
1 Jun 2023

New ACP case study examines ethics related to lab results, information blocking rule

While access to information may give patients an opportunity to become more involved in their care, there are risks.
4 Oct 2022

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

ACP Spotlight offers readers a look at ACP's current top priorities and initiatives, as well as highlights from our e-newsletter, ACP Internist Weekly.
1 May 2023

New ACP case study examines ethics, professionalism, and the physician social media influencer

Social media influencers are common, but what's at stake if a physician attempts that role?
12 Jan 2021

Q&A: How to fight impostor phenomenon

High-achieving individuals, like physicians, often think they don't deserve their success, and this can lead to higher rates of burnout.
1 May 2023

New ethics case study focuses on role of physician colleagues in physician suicide prevention

The case study, which is eligible for CME and MOC points, looks at the application of foundational ethical and professional values and principles in assessing whether a colleague could be suicidal, and how to respond to suicides within the medical community.
2 Nov 2021

ACP offers guidance on ethical use of genetic testing, precision medicine

The College notes that genetic testing should be guided by the best interests of the patient, scientific evidence, and ethical standards and that testing must be clinically indicated, among other positions.
2 Aug 2022

Our words matter

Difficult conversations offer moments when physicians can be true healers and provide empathy, compassion, and comfort through something as simple as their words.
1 Mar 2023

New ACP case study examines ethical challenges of telemedicine encounters

Developed by ACP's Ethics, Professionalism, and Human Rights Committee and the Center for Ethics and Professionalism, the case study is available on Medscape and a login is required.
12 Nov 2019

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