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Refusal of treatment can present some tricky ethical dilemmas

This issue includes stories on informed refusal and on managing psoriasis.
1 Feb 2014

New ethics case study offers guidance on care of cognitively impaired patients

Preventive Health Screening, Ethics, and the Cognitively Impaired Patient is a new ACP ethics case study available online for CME credit.
5 Nov 2013

New ethics case study, “When an Aging Colleague Seems Impaired”

“When an Aging Colleague Seems Impaired” is a new ACP ethics case study that is available online for CME credit. This case study explores the physician's ethical obligation to address a colleague's (or one's own) impairment in order to protect the safety of patients and to assist the impaired physician.
7 Jan 2014

Ethical duties in “Talking with Patients about Other Clinicians' Errors”

A recent New England Journal of Medicine Sounding Board article examined clinicians' ethical duty to address others' medical errors with patients and examines possible solutions for both physicians and institutions.
5 Nov 2013

‘Preventive ethics' come into play when a DNR is confusing

A case study examines how a hospitalist handled confusing and conflicting demands placed by a do-not-resuscitate order.
1 Apr 2008

Candidates announced for Board of Governors Chair-elect

The candidate who is elected will begin his or her term as Chair-elect at the conclusion of Internal Medicine Meeting 2023 and will take office as Chair in April 2024.
1 Sep 2022

New ACP case study addresses ethics in a health emergency

“Stewardship of Health Care Resources: Allocating Mechanical Ventilators during Pandemic Influenza,” a new case study from ACP's Ethics, Professionalism and Human Rights Committee, is available online for CME credit.
12 Mar 2013

New ethics case study addresses the EHR

The ACP Center for Ethics and Professionalism has posted a new case study, “Copied and Pasted and Misdiagnosed (or Cloned Notes and Blind Alleys)” on Medscape.
22 May 2012

War dilemmas put medical ethics under fire

Physicians debate challenges posed by war on terror and caring for enemy detainees at Guantanamo.
1 Jul 2008

How medical ethics principles affect daily patient care

Is medical ethics an important aspect of real world medical practice today? Or a quaint notion for the history books based on “Mom and apple pie” generalisms?
14 Feb 2012

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