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Contaminated truths: Wellbutrin, depression, GSK and evidence

smoking cessation.
July 2021

Should hospitals ban workers from smoking at home?

The mega-medical-mall here in Cleveland has put in place a no smoking policy on steroids. ... I'm not sure the greater good in our small practice would be served by enforcing a no smoking policy, although admittedly, this is arguable.
July 2021

QD: News Every Day--Mice can now stop smoking without gaining weight

Researchers are now looking for a way to improve human smoking cessation treatments without inducing weight gain. . ... The Yale researchers said in a report that they'd been investigating a drug for depression (cytosine, used in Eastern Europe for
July 2021

Finally, a practical use for Twittering

Just as we'd given up on a practical purpose for it, (surgery aside) we found two bread-and-butter applications for internal medicine: smoking cessation and weight loss. ... Personally, I think Twittering would help reduce smoking or eating just because
July 2021

Health in China

No smoking signs are often ignored. In some of their cities, they breathe in much more pollution. ... as traffic fatalities, pollution, and smoking, and those things should minimized as much as possible. .
July 2021

Rheumatoid arthritis hurts the whole body

Cancer risks in patients with rheumatoid arthritis are part of his work-up, as is smoking cessation counseling. ... O’Dell. (That can be a useful argument for convincing your RA patients to quit smoking, he noted.).
July 2010

To vape or not to vape

Proponents: They’re an alternative to smoking. They’re acceptable in public, even indoors. ... There’s no EVIDENCE [yet] that e-cigarettes are safe. There’s no EVIDENCE [yet] that they help people quit smoking—that’s just marketing hype.
July 2021

Patient-Driven Primary Care, A Cornerstone Of The Health & Wellness Movement?

problems and to the management of ongoing chronic conditions, including smoking cessation, weight management, and the monitoring of diabetes.
July 2021

Is the fight over cigarette pack warnings the right one?

More insurance companies are starting to pay for smoking cessation programs, although most don't pay for the drugs that are usually required to help people fight the tenacious neurochemistry that ... But we need a comprehensive national smoking policy,
July 2021

Do physicians lead in adopting health behaviors?

These days very few physicians or medical students smoke. We live and work in a culture that disdains all smoking. ... Physicians can lead the way. We have led the way in decreasing smoking.
July 2021

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