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'How can I raise my HDL?'

Lifestyle strategies include smoking cessation, exercise and alcohol in moderation. However, evidence is mounting that perhaps this is not the salient question. ... in the New York Times): "The number of factors that track with low HDL is a mile long:
July 2021

Some type of way

And stop missing appointments! And why you don't exercise and why you keep eating the wrong stuff and smoking cigarettes?
July 2021

Compression of disability should be everyone's health goal

1. Smoking. This one is a “no-brainer”. Smoking has so many negative effects that we need a book to discuss the subject.
July 2021

Nicotine dependence: It's worse than you think

It's the best of times and worst of times for ending tobacco dependence, according to David Sachs, ACP Member, of the Palo Alto Center for P...
July 2021

For tobacco dependent, pharmacotherapy is the best medicine

So they try it, they get horribly uncomfortable, and they go right back to smoking,” Dr. ... 1-877-44U-QUIT. Smoking cessation counselors from the National Cancer Institute answer smoking-related questions in English or Spanish during business hours,
July 2009

QD: News Every Day--E-cigarettes may not help with smoking

Nonetheless, our data add to the current evidence that e-cigarettes may not increase rates of smoking cessation,” they wrote. ... Grana and colleagues increase the weight of evidence indicating that e-cigarettes are not associated with higher rates of
July 2021

Weird image of the day

Incoming ATS president Dean Schraufnagel, MD, explained his objection to smoking rooms like the one pictured here at the Atlanta airport.
July 2021


Juneteenth'. You didn't quit smoking. Nope. Not even after that big, long, drawn out discussion we'd had about you setting the perfect quit day. ... And last was your weight. Your chief concern at the last visit was losing weight and quitting smoking.
July 2021

Smoking without the stigma

It's billed as a revolutionary way to kick the habit without giving up the look and feel of actually smoking. ... Will electronic smoking be the answer for the many who've tried and failed to kick the habit?
July 2021

QD: News Every Day--No-smoking rules leave patients out in the cold

With smoking cessation interventions incompletely incorporated into hospital routines, the problem isn't likely to end soon. ... This mismatch appears to have dire consequences for the support of smoking cessation and the enforcement of smoke-free
July 2021

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