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Maybe he just did. To top off a well-lived life, his obituary in the paper was one of the best I've ever read.
January 2020

Whistleblowers, then and now

It's an interesting coincidence, then, to read the obituary of an almost-whistleblower by the name of Dr. ... The obituary contains all of Schatz’ 3-line letter, which was sent to the study's senior author:.
January 2020

Rapid demise

News accounts of Anderson's hospice referral (and now his obituary) say only that he suffered from "complications of dementia," without mentioning the cause.
January 2020

This is a very bad idea

Here's something else that appeared in the New York Times the same day: the obituary of Frances Oldham Kelsey, who, in 1960, was a physician at the then newly established
January 2020

1955-1964: ACP becomes cosmopolitan

Piersol wrote. The organizations did collaborate in some ways. In 1960, ACP launched a new publication, the Bulletin of the American College of Physicians, which contained the meeting announcements, obituaries, and
May 2015

1945-1954: ACP and other organizations find their niches

Personal news items were removed from the journal, and obituaries were cut to 300 words.
April 2015

Broad Street chump

Here is John Snow's obituary, published in Lancet on June 26, 1858:. ... Well, last month Lancet decided to right this wrong by publishing a "corrected" obituary.
January 2020

The outlier's message, and evolutionary science in breast cancer

The New York Times, in an obituary, tells of her lumpectomy, chemo and radiation.
January 2020

Three doctors' choices earn them scorn, accolades

2) An obituary of a real Dr. House, William House, MD, who is credited as being the inventor of the cochlear implant, among other medical and surgical innovations.
January 2020

Richard Holbrooke: a terrible way to die

Over the weekend we were told he was in "critical" condition, and by Monday his obituaries ran. .
January 2020

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