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This is a very bad idea

Here's something else that appeared in the New York Times the same day: the obituary of Frances Oldham Kelsey, who, in 1960, was a physician at the then newly established
November 2020

Broad Street chump

Here is John Snow's obituary, published in Lancet on June 26, 1858:. ... Well, last month Lancet decided to right this wrong by publishing a "corrected" obituary.
November 2020

The outlier's message, and evolutionary science in breast cancer

The New York Times, in an obituary, tells of her lumpectomy, chemo and radiation.
November 2020

Richard Holbrooke: a terrible way to die

Over the weekend we were told he was in "critical" condition, and by Monday his obituaries ran. .
November 2020

Abandon primary care for 'Advanced Care Medicine'

and buried--with an official obituary and everything--and that it is pointless for PCPs to waste their time worrying about "secret shoppers" and other petty annoyances.
November 2020

The Ice Bucket Challenge and ALS: a matter of priorities

I saw him 1 more time and then several months later there was a beautiful obituary in the paper that he had written himself.
November 2020

Three doctors' choices earn them scorn, accolades

2) An obituary of a real Dr. House, William House, MD, who is credited as being the inventor of the cochlear implant, among other medical and surgical innovations.
November 2020

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