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Relax, kick off your shoes, and examine common foot disorders

These conditions are associated with gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and seronegative spondyloarthropathies, so physicians can consider serologic testing for rheumatologic disorders. ... Bursitis may be associated with overuse, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, or
June 2017

In defense of primary care, and of sub-sub-sub-specialists

infection, gout and other routine sorts of problems.
January 2020

Helping patients manage generic drug price increases

Generic drugs have recently become more expensive, from colchicine for gout to EpiPens for allergic reactions. ... pennies but now is quite expensive, means that the standard management of acute gout has been systematically changed.
September 2019

Noninvasive treatment almost always best for knee pain

Arthritis. 2012;2012:504189. [PMID: 23243506] doi:10.1155/2012/504189. Lu N, Misra D, Neogi T, Choi HK, Zhang Y. ... Arthritis Rheumatol. 2014;66:2134-43. [PMID: 24974958] doi:10.1002/art.38685e. Riddle DL, Perera RA, Jiranek WA, Dumenci L.
April 2016

Warning about different doses for 2 forms of posaconazole

Lesinurad (Zurampic) in combination with a xanthine oxidase inhibitor to treat hyperuricemia associated with gout. ... The drug has a boxed warning on the risk for acute renal failure, which is more common when it is used without a xanthine oxidase
March 2016

Warning about contrast agents, reviews under way on Stalevo

Three of the GBCAs (Magnevist, Omniscan and OptiMARK) will be described as inappropriate for use among patients with acute kidney injury or chronic severe kidney disease. ... Pegloticase (Krystexxa) to treat gout in adults who do not respond to or who
November 2010

Boxed warning for metoclopramide, alert for zonisamide

Febuxostat (Ulloric), a prescription drug for gout, in 40 mg and 80 mg doses.
April 2009

Internal Medicine 2011 offers several new pre-courses

to 5:30 p.m., with topics ranging from the management of gout to how to use social media to engage patients.
March 2011

Spare the emergency visit for skin and soft-tissue infections

Finally, the review said, keep in mind that some conditions have symptoms that may mimic those of SSTIs, including gout, thrombophlebitis, deep venous thrombosis, contact dermatitis, carcinoma erysipeloides and allergic reactions.
November 2012

Increasing help for physician impairment

Physicians and patients report increases in once-affordable drugs, such as colchicine for gout or nitroglycerine for heart conditions, that can be dramatic enough to negatively affect adherence.
September 2019

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