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QD: News Every Day--Better care in PCMH may stem from culture changes, not from technology

Patient-centered medical homes (PCMH) improve care quality at a significantly higher rate than their non-PCMH peers regardless of whether the comparison practices used paper or electronic health records (EHRs), ... It was funded by the Commonwealth Fund
September 2020

ACP's plan to overcome obstacles to good health care

The way health care is paid for and delivered in the U.S. ... activities. Dysfunctional electronic health records (EHRs). Internists see the obstacles created by EHRs that do not give them the information they need to support better patient care while
March 2020

How health care IT can produce lower quality robotic records

using electronic health records (EHR). ... Seek feedback and guidance from other institutions who already do things better with their own electronic medical records;. •
September 2020

The informatics lessons of

Dr. Blumenthal noted the major differences between a typical large-scale federal IT procurement and the selection of an electronic health record (EHR) system for the large and venerable Partners Health ... Rights and responsibilities of users of
September 2020

Can the patient-centered medical home save primary care?

However, the discussion has intensified in recent months with passage of national health reform. ... of primary care that reorganizes the care team in a way that gets non-physicians more involved, supports patient "activation" toward improved self-care,
September 2020

New IOM report on implementing the learning health care system: It's all in the information

Some of the IOM's seminal reports have covered the topics of electronic health records. ... Washington, DC. National Academies Press. 5. Anonymous (1997). For the Record: Protecting Electronic Health Information.
September 2020

Do you really want to read what I wrote about you?

The development of electronic medical records has the potential to revolutionize patients' access to their records, making it possible for patients to review their records securely whenever they want from any ... These physicians were already working in
September 2020

The confusing world of EHR incentives

The federal government's substantial incentive program for electronic health records is no reason to rush out and buy one. ... Doctors have asked staff at the Center for Practice Improvement and Innovation whether they have to buy an electronic health
May 2010

Letters to the Editor

It reflects the magical thinking of the ACP Board of Regents, that through the medical home, accountable care organizations (ACOs), e-prescribing, electronic health records and best practices research, medicine can ... E-prescribing is not universally
September 2012

Electronic medical records have yet to fulfill their potential

An admittedly technophobic internist recounts her first day using an electronic health records. ... practices. Other ACP leaders who have recently transitioned to electronic health records (EHRs) and patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs) shared their
October 2011

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