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Overheard at MGMA

For reasons I've never understood, most of the other reporters spend their time interviewing vendors of electronic health records (EHRs).
January 2020

My struggles with our EHR

My struggles with our EHR. My group purchased our electronic health records system (EHR) about 5 years ago. ... Topol discusses the benefits and challenges of electronic health Records and health information technology in detail.
January 2020

EHRs at 8 a.m.

This morning, I started off by going to a lecture about the operations of the Certification Commission for Health Care Information Technolgy, the recognized certification body for electronic health records, which ... There's no proof yet that electronic
January 2020

Telemedicine connects remote areas with care

Telemedicine encompasses medical technology ranging from electronic health records to e-mails between patients and doctors. ... Medical Branch's (UTMB) electronic health network.
April 2008

A doctor who embraces change, personally and politically

Eventually, we've got to deal with the evidence,” he said. “The elements touted to save costs—electronic health records, accountable care organizations—these are not proven to save costs.”. ... We have all of the necessary
July 2013

Staffing can make or break a small practice

Next month in the CPI Series: The challenges and rewards of implementing electronic health records. ... This month's article looks at challenges related to staffing, while upcoming issues will discuss implementation of electronic health records and
January 2008

Mobile devices offer advantages, challenges

For now, most physicians are using the devices to read news articles or do searches, but they're interested in point-of-care patient education and access to electronic health records ... AHRQ ePSS (Electronic Preventive Services Selector). drawMD.
April 2012

Investing in EHRs pays off in paperless perks

After a decade of research and months of preparation, Jacqueline Fincher, FACP, planned to go live with an electronic health record (EHR) in May 2006. ... This month's article, the second in the series, looks at challenges related to electronic health
February 2008

A better signal-to-noise ratio for guidelines

Electronic health records (EHRs) are another key tool. According to Drs. ... Some larger health systems have established these kinds of techniques, but they remain uncommon, especially in smaller practices.
June 2016

Current challenges in prescribing generics

Also, since the Affordable Care Act, some health plans have placed generic drugs for expensive chronic conditions in higher-cost tiers. ... As more and more physicians start using electronic health records, more and more of the decisions get shifted to
March 2015

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