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With growing audacity (or impetuousness), I ran for Chair of the BOG, and that opened up another vista of education and experience on the Board of Regents (BOR), as well as
May 2021

High-value management of patients with GI symptoms

Dr. Cheatham said he suggests that patients refer to educational materials online to learn which foods are high and low in FODMAPs and tailor their diets accordingly.
June 2017

Internists can help with alcohol misuse

Saitz, a professor at Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health and a member of its Clinical Addiction Research & Education (CARE) Unit. ... The more common experiential educational counseling, which is available widely in the U.S., has
October 2015

Thinking, physiology and medical education

Thinking, physiology and medical education. I have written this many times. ... Medical education, at least in the first two years of medical school, does not focus enough on the thought process.
April 2022

ACP launches new services for quality improvement | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

ACP Advance features a physician-led coaching service, a new QI curriculum, and access to virtual training programs and resources. ... ACP Advance features a physician-led coaching service, a new QI curriculum, and access to virtual training programs and
April 2019

Racism in the record?

Researchers used machine learning to identify the terms “nonadherent,” “aggressive,” “agitated,” “angry,” “challenging,” “combative,” “noncompliant,” “confront,” “noncooperative,” “defensive,” ... Training
April 2022

New strategies required to battle antibiotic overuse

There are educational resources available for physicians who want to learn more about the appropriate use of antibiotics, including the CDC's Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work program, and The ... However, educational efforts are not necessarily what
April 2017

Fixing the system to fight burnout

They are launching strategic initiatives, educational modules, and hospital-based efforts to ease daily strain. ... Jenike said. After the initial training, there are follow-up sessions and mentoring.
November 2016


and Education Center; and Jeanne Marrazzo, MD, MPH, FACP, director of the division of infectious diseases and professor of medicine at University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine.
December 2021

Phone calls ease isolation during COVID-19

who had received brief training in empathetic conversational techniques. ... We actually have a toolkit, and if people write in to us, we will send them a little document we created which has a lot of our learnings, and they can
February 2022

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