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What do Obama's first weeks tell us about health care reform?

comparative effectiveness of different treatments, assistance to unemployed workers to help them afford COBRA coverage, temporary help to the states to prop up their Medicaid programs, and training more primary care
March 2009

EHR era ushers in stricter privacy, security

69%), training programs (67%) and firewalls (61%) to protect health information.
April 2010

Stories of real patients reinforce the values of medicine

The formal teaching of professionalism began 15 or more years ago, and has been a welcome addition to the educational process. ... And he was always reading and learning. I was behind in the office late one afternoon when I entered the exam room only to
September 2012

Bringing medicine back to the bedside

However, physicians' reliance on the physical exam has waned as other diagnostic tools have matured, said Davoren Chick, MD, FACP, ACP's Senior Vice President of Medical Education. ... at ACP's Online Learning Center, which offers clinical skills videos
February 2018

Increasing colorectal cancer screening To increase screening uptake, internists and health systems can do more than opportunistic patient education and encouragement, instead targeting patients
January 2019

Learning theory vs learning approach

In fact, an article suggests that, at the undergraduate medical education level, we should consider a focus on learning approach rather than teaching to a specific learning style. ... This post originally appeared at Mired in MedEd, where he blogs about
January 2022

Patient satisfaction

More than 40% of older adults in the U.S. have now used online physician rating websites, and the most likely users are women, those with higher levels of education, and ... 37.1%), those with higher levels of education (50.2% for at least some college
April 2021

Residents reimagine antiracism curriculum

It joins pre-existing distinction pathways in education, research, global health, and quality improvement. ... broadly. But also specifically, how racism also interacts with the medical system, unfortunately, in medical education and the hospital.
July 2021

New workshops, clinical skills sessions are on tap A listing of clinical skills courses at the Herbert S.
March 2009

Big data and the bog of information

Patient-centered precision health in A learning health care system: Geisinger's genomic medicine experience.
September 2018

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