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QD: News Every Day--Drug shortages lead to treatment delays, death

The practice then fuels further shortages. . ... Let us know how drug shortages have affected your practice, and what steps you take to handle it.
January 2020

Embezzlement from doctors' offices

Our medical practice was a small business with about 100 to 150 patient visits a day. ... Embezzlement can happen to anyone in business and apparently happens frequently to doctors in private practice.
January 2020

Assess your ability to comply with version 5010 requirements

Changes will be needed to practice management systems to capture the required data for 5010 transactions. ... Work with vendors to have the necessary practice management system upgrades completed.
June 2011

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT As always, the Medicare program hassome changes ...

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT. As always, the Medicare program hassome changes for the new year. ... General practice 2%. Hematology/ 2%oncologyInfectious diseases 1%. Nephrology 0%. Pulmonary disease 1%.
December 2011

Dog days

Integrated task-management (shared between patient and their care team) is my goal. ... 7. Grow with me. If I accomplish 1-6, my practice will grow.
January 2020

True genius

True genius. Things are going well with the practice, but I am being wrung a bit dry. ... Patients from my old practice keep on contacting me to switch back to my care.
January 2020

Investing in EHRs pays off in paperless perks

After eight months with the software, his practice spends 10% less time on phone calls, Dr. ... Of the 34 practices who underwent review by the Center for Practice Innovation:.
February 2008

Physician enjoys her new EMR (ease of medical records)

Not only have I been using an electronic medical record for nine months now, but I've also been submitting claims electronically (through a free clearinghouse) using an online practice management ... in the old practice management system was
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--Medicare cuts cause most unease among medical practices

Potential Medicare cuts are the top challenge to running a practice, according to a survey. ... It's more important than ever for professional practice administrators, especially those who are board certified in medical practice management, to assist
January 2020

Crazy ideas

or management of disease.
January 2020

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