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Take-home points for small practices

3. Use your practice management system to identify the procedures that best fit your practice, then track and optimize their utilization. ... 4. Consider implementing an EHR/practice management system combo that will help you to improve the care you
November 2021

Going gets tough

I have lived this. I know it is true. I believe strongly in the idea behind my practice:. • ... 4. Integrate communication tools with the collaborative records. 5. Integrate task management tools with these records as well.
November 2021

Keep it simple for patient portal success

For the average practice, however, reducing a portal's functional footprint can raise its value and usage, physicians said. ... Making an appointment and dealing with patients, helping with appointments, and medication management are the biggest benefits.
April 2018

Managing referrals amid minefields, breakdowns

In addition, ACP's Practice Advisor includes care coordination and referral management modules with sample policies and procedures, referral packages, logs, and many additional resources that can be adapted to your ... practice. Margo Williams, MHA, CMPE,
July 2019

Practice Tips PRACTICE MANAGEMENT Because of the increased granularity ...

Practice Tips. PRACTICE MANAGEMENT. Because of the increased granularity ofthe new ICD-10-CM codes, which arescheduled to be implemented onOct. ... Coding for the sample scenario with ICD-9-CM versus ICD-10-CM. Practice Rx.
March 2015

Authorization to treat and other quagmires

When a patient is unable to make sound decisions about her own care, what is the physician practice to do? ... Margo Williams, MHA, CMPE, is Manager of Practice Support for ACP's Department of Medical Practice, which provides members with resources
October 2019

Investing in EHRs pays off in paperless perks

After eight months with the software, his practice spends 10% less time on phone calls, Dr. ... Of the 34 practices who underwent review by the Center for Practice Innovation:.
February 2008

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT It will come as no surprise to ...

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT. It will come as no surprise to mostinternists that choosing primary care asa specialty has a negative impact on adoctor’s earnings. ...
June 2011

QD: News Every Day

Support staff make up 32% of medical practice expenses. While medical groups reduced support staff costs, their total worker count remained constant, indicating that employees may have gone without raises and
November 2021

Is telehealth ready for prime time?

Twenty-four percent of ACP members are using digital technology to provide remote care management or coaching to patients about health status or lifestyle behaviors. ... Margo Williams, MHA, CMPE, is Senior Associate, Practice Management in ACP's
January 2019

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