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The impending revolution

My role was to give the perspective of a“ successful” direct primary care (DPC) practice. ... It is also the reason I chose the alternative type of“ membership” practice: DPC.
August 2019

Be careful what you say

I get very positive reactions, actually. I was approached by someone wanting to work with me "when I get my practice running" to help roll it out to other physicians. ... The "experts" who were on the show to give their opinions about the Affordable Care
August 2019

EHRs' advantages may carry malpractice risks as well

Barr, MD, MBA, FACP, senior vice president of ACP's division of practice management. ... It's important to ensure that the system's features match the practice's needs before buying it, he said.
April 2014

QD: News Every Day--New technology takes the blame, yet gets the credit

New technology is offering doctors in small and medium practice an easier time with practice management, according to survey results of the users of a free electronic medical record product. ... and said in a press release technology has made things
August 2019

Consider offering in-office labs

If a practice meets any one of the following criteria, then it is possible to increase profitability. ... ACP members can download the newly revised Office Laboratory Check Up for free; click on Practice Management, then Financial Management, then Office
September 2009

'Thank you for your consult ...'

Still, we know why the note was documented this way. And this is exactly the type of fraudulent billing practice that got the Consultation codes removed by Medicare.
August 2019

Combining education and advocacy at Internal Medicine 2008

practice management and health policy.
July 2008

What physicians can do about ransomware

Protecting a practice doesn't always require a large investment of money, just time and employee training.
January 2018

Rising physician referrals are sometimes desperation passes

A referral meant a financial hit to the practice. But the HMO model was rejected by patients, who didn't like their choice restricted and accused doctors of holding back care. ... Most of my colleagues don't either. And with more doctors exiting private
August 2019

RVUs—the common denominator in financial management

Relative Value Units can be used as a powerful tool for financial management in medical practices. ... Then, using almost any practice management system, for that same time period, run a report of services provided by CPT code.
April 2009

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