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The next wave : ACP Internist

I was traveling and, as I typically do, I bought a copy of Fast Company magazine to read on the plane. I don’t subscribe, but I find that i...
April 2019

Adjusting the adjustment : ACP Internist

Measuring the quality of care and improving it over time is a fundamental obligation of health care providers. Increasingly, quality is also...
April 2019

Prevention paradox : ACP Internist

Every clinician knows that “framing,” how we present information to patients, has a big impact on decisions they make about their care. Even...
April 2019

Internal Medicine 2011 offers several new pre-courses | ACP Internist

New offerings at ACP's annual meeting will include learning how to use portable ultrasound technology, the anatomy behind and diagnoses of common orthopedic complains, and an expanded neurological course including headache, dizziness and stroke.
March 2011

Shared accountability : ACP Internist

There are plenty of good reasons why thoughtful physicians are often unhappy with the current approach to measuring the quality of care they...
April 2019

Only in America : ACP Internist

The phrase “only in America” was one I heard frequently as a child. It was often said in a light-hearted manner, sometimes with a faux Easte...
April 2019

Residency ratings : ACP Internist

I have been a big proponent of seeking the feedback of our patients regarding their experiences with our care, and of pushing our organizati...
April 2019

Adjusting outcomes : ACP Internist

I wrote recently about the need to take into account patient characteristics when using patient outcomes to compare the quality of care pro...
April 2019

Better than new : ACP Internist

If you were the right age to have been watching television in the mid-1970s, you probably remember “ The 6 Million Dollar Man .” The show wa...
April 2019

Indian Health Service reaches across borders within the U.S. | ACP Internist

A partnership allows staff at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston to collaborate with physicians who serve Navajo Nation, a medically underserved population in New Mexico.
March 2012

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