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More public reporting : ACP Internist

Readers of this blog know that I am a fan of public reporting of performance data. I believe that data transparency helps fulfill an obligat...
April 2019

How to fix EMRs : ACP Internist

I was talking to a colleague last week about his practice, and remarked that he was still keeping a paper medical record. Without hesitation...
April 2019

Physician drug testing : ACP Internist

The New York Times reported on a ballot initiative in California that would mandate random routine drug and alcohol testing of physicians, ...
April 2019

Internal Medicine mixes new offerings with old favorites | ACP Internist

Clinical news inspired new offerings at this year's annual meeting, but so did current event, with sessions planned on President Barack Obama's first 100 days and the influence of Islam on modern medicine.
March 2009

Practice guideline overload : ACP Internist

I think I am like many practicing physicians in my “love-hate” relationship with clinical practice guidelines. On the one hand, it is often ...
April 2019

What goes around comes around : ACP Internist

When I was a cardiology fellow back in the 1980s, I learned about a variety of early tools for evaluating heart health that had been displac...
April 2019

Leadership development : ACP Internist

One of the things that I am most proud of about the North Shore–LIJ Health System is our institutional commitment to leadership training. Th...
April 2019

"Live, from New York ..." : ACP Internist

I previously wrote that “I support the public reporting of validated survey data from real patients” and I am now proud to report that our ...
April 2019

If telomeres could talk : ACP Internist

One of the reasons cardiology tends to advance so rapidly compared to other medical disciplines, with very noteworthy benefits, such as mark...
April 2019

Google, information, and patient engagement : ACP Internist

I believe in the principle behind practice guidelines. That is, I believe there is value in compiling the best available evidence related to...
April 2019

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