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Sound familiar? : ACP Internist

I am reading a really interesting book entitled Team of Teams written by (naturally) a team, which includes retired United States Army Gene...
April 2019

Digging into the causes and fixes of resistant hypertension | ACP Internist

An enduring challenge is figuring out why patients appear to have resistant hypertension and how to cure them of it.
September 2016

Health numeracy : ACP Internist

There is a growing awareness of the importance of health literacy, the extent to which patients and their families are able to understand wo...
April 2019

Quantified self : ACP Internist

I believe strongly that ” data about patients should be patients' data .” That is why I support the OpenNotes movement and the push to pro...
April 2019

The eroding 'doctor' label : ACP Internist

It came as a Twitter "follow" from @coldfeet65 , a self-proclaimed "Nurse Practitioner Hospitalist." I had never heard this term before. Doe...
April 2019

Right call; wrong reason : ACP Internist

There were several news stories last week that reported that Pfizer had abandoned its efforts to have its Lipitor brand of atorvastatin mad...
April 2019

Rethinking a no-brainer : ACP Internist

What does someone having a heart attack look like? I think the New York Times captured what many of us probably have in mind, when they pub...
April 2019

Happy birthday, Emily : ACP Internist

A couple of my recent blog posts have advocated for single-payer financing for health care in the United States as the most effective path ...
April 2019

No way out : ACP Internist

Perhaps you have heard the rather grim joke about how doctors don't know when to stop treating patients who no longer benefit. It goes somet...
April 2019

The gospel : ACP Internist

I was told one thing. That your aortic heart valve was narrow and tight and that, just maybe, one day very soon you would need that valve re...
April 2019

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