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Crowdsourcing CPR : ACP Internist

I have written previously about the potential impact of mobile apps and ubiquitous computing on health and healthcare delivery , but I admit...

Pearls for lowering lipids | ACP Internist

New guidelines recommend basing treatment decisions on levels of risk rather than LDL targets.

Changes, challenges in treating heart failure | ACP Internist

Readmissions among heart failure patients can be prevented with diligent, evidence-based primary care. But with their time at a premium, physicians can be increasingly concerned about meeting the needs of this population.

Target preop visits for efficiency, best outcomes | ACP Internist

Internists can guide preoperative anticoagulation, ensure that patients are in optimal condition for procedures, and##mdash;perhaps most importantly##mdash;judiciously choose which tests to perform and which ones aren't needed.

Over and out : ACP Internist

I highly recommend a provocative essay by Ezekial Emanuel that appears in the October 2014 issue of the Atlantic. Dr. Emanuel is a prominen...

Obituary | ACP Internist

Gottlieb Friesinger II, MD, MACP, a noted cardiologist and former ACP governor, died on July 28, 2012, at the age of 83.

Obituary | ACP Internist

James T. Dove, MACP.

Engaging patients : ACP Internist

Patient satisfaction is hot. Major payers, including the federal government have linked hospital payment to institutional performance on pat...

Adjusting the adjustment : ACP Internist

Measuring the quality of care and improving it over time is a fundamental obligation of health care providers. Increasingly, quality is also...

Shared accountability : ACP Internist

There are plenty of good reasons why thoughtful physicians are often unhappy with the current approach to measuring the quality of care they...

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