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Practice management experts urge docs to use the Web | ACP Internist

Susan R. Miller, RN, suspected that business was being lost during the office's peak calling periods. So she did a study.
February 2008

Take-home points for small practices : ACP Internist

At a 7:00 a.m. session today, John H. O’Neill Jr., DO, FACP, vice chair of ACP's Medical Practice and Quality Committee, discussed "Small Pr...
April 2019

Now what? : ACP Internist

I really do not understand how Congress “works.” While it busied itself with passing a law that fails to fix the clearly broken Sustainable ...
April 2019

Milestones : ACP Internist

For the last couple of years I have cataloged the accomplishments of our medical group and set out new goals, some of which I want to share....
April 2019

QD: News Every Day--Reimbursement, implementing health reform weigh heavily on internal medicine : ACP Internist

Reimbursement and health care reform weigh far more heavily on doctor's minds than day-to-day concerns, an ACP Internist poll revealed. Nea...
April 2019

Collecting sighs : ACP Internist

My billing manager came to me again today with the infamous blue folder. In it was a list of patients who were significantly delinquent in t...
April 2019

Express yourself by typing a video : ACP Internist

There are many things about medicine that make us throw up our hands in frustration, bring tears to our eyes or, rarely, have us in splits. ...
April 2019

Fight back against feedback : ACP Internist

Doctors dissatisfied with their online ratings are seeking to have them removed . One advisor suggests asking patients to sign waivers not t...
April 2019

Concierge practices reviewed as insurance : ACP Internist

Maryland is proposing to regulate concierge medical practices as a type of insurance, prompting at least one internal medicine group to hal...
April 2019

April 2019 | ACP Internist

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