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Positioning your practice for alternate payment models

APMs incentivize quality and value. Additional new models will be developed later, but according to the MACRA law, the following existing entities are considered alternative payment models: all CMS Innovation Center ... For more information about
February 2016

Change fee for service to another method that reflects quality

How will the team assess each member's contribution? Because of such challenges, policymakers are likely to speed up pilot tests of different bundled payment models. ... Legislators have considered creating a center of innovation within the federal
April 2010

With the SGR gone, are ACP members all in?

in advanced primary care medical homes or other alternative payment models such as accountable care organizations. ... With this great victory in hand, a new job awaits. The era of new payment models is here.
July 2015

Setting the record straight on MACRA

Some PCMHs will also qualify as Advanced Alternative Payment Models, making them eligible for 5% Medicare fee-for-service bonuses plus per-beneficiary payments ranging from $15 to $27 each month. ... other Advanced Alternative Payment Models.
July 2016

How was ACP's 2015 Leadership Day different from all others?

MACRA solved the most pressing physician payment problem, repealing the flawed SGR formula. ... Leadership Day attendees explained to lawmakers that allowing the program to lapse is contrary to MACRA's promise of “stable and positive” updates during
July 2015

Will U.S. physicians swim or sink in changing health care waters?

new delivery and payment models that will largely replace stand-alone fee-for-service reimbursement. ... payment models.
September 2013

Changes to a practice also provide personal transformation

Our response was to join forces with like-minded physicians to allow us to maintain a significant degree of independence and enable us to participate in new payment models. ... This gives these solo and small-practice physicians access to new payment
March 2012

Four days in May

less burdensome, to advance physician-led alternative payment models, to improve Medicare's new Quality Payment Program (QPP), to create new codes and payments for internists' services, and to seek a ... A particular focus of the discussion was to help
July 2017

Making MACRA better, in intent and implementation

providing multiple opportunities for physicians in medical homes and other alternative payment models (APMs) to earn bonus payments. ... associated with quality reporting, and creating more opportunities for physicians to develop and lead new models of
September 2016

Defining value and creating quality in the patient encounter

Medicare's existing Meaningful Use, Physician Quality Reporting System, and Value-Based Payment Modifier programs. ... The letter stated, “The College strongly recommends that CMS actively work to improve the measures to be used in the quality
April 2016

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