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Unmask malnutrition with careful questions

Malnutrition causes functional abnormalities in almost every organ system and should be aggressively addressed,” said Dr. ... Internists should be able to manage mild malnutrition and monitor it on a follow-up visit, Dr.
April 2015

Searching for signs of eating disorders

Malnutrition makes antidepressants and other medications work less efficiently. People with type 1 diabetes might omit insulin to try to lose weight, and they will begin to get diabetes-related complications ... Rosen. “Malnutrition changes the way the
February 2013

Puzzling past paradox to PURE understanding

very high intake of carbohydrate as a percent of that total correlated with very low calorie intake overall, and malnutrition.
April 2022

More research needed on long-term opioids This issue covers topics including opioid pain management, malnutrition, and ‘incidentalomas' during imaging. ... But it's an assessment that's important, since malnutrition can have a deleterious
April 2015

Diagnosis at 10 paces for bitemporal wasting

You can also use bitemporal wasting to help make diagnoses of connective tissue disease, rheumatoid arthritis, or malnutrition. ... adipose tissue, which was happening with malnutrition.
January 2022

6 keys to managing the cirrhotic inpatient

Manage nutrition. Cirrhotic patients will often have protein calorie malnutrition, Dr.
July 2015

Internists healing tsunami's aftereffects

Ohara said. Other medical issues related to malnutrition and inadequate hygiene due to extensively contaminated debris.
September 2011

Weighing the options for bariatric surgery

In addition, the altered anatomy from bariatric surgery may make conventional treatments for abdominal pain and malnutrition more challenging, and vomiting associated with a prior adjustable gastric band procedure almost always
January 2016

Volunteer internists help to rebuild Haiti

Perry. It was difficult to get patients up and walking on crutches because they were so weak from not eating for days and from chronic malnutrition.
May 2010

Attribution error confounds a diagnosis after colon cancer

In most cases there is obvious malnutrition. Typical findings of Wernicke's encephalopathy include the triad of mental status changes, oculomotor dysfunction and gait ataxia.
July 2010

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