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The HIV Medicine Association of the Infectious Diseases Society of America recently released updated guidance on managing patients with HIV in primary care. ... The guidance also includes a new section on special considerations for transgender and
November 2020

HIV comes of age as disease of mid-to-late life

Sweet said. Once the virus is under control, an HIV patient's needs mirror those of others in the same age group, with some exceptions. ... As people continue to grow old with the virus, some unique opportunities will develop to study how HIV interacts
November 2011

IM 13: Are you screening all adult patients for HIV?

IM 13: Are you screening all adult patients for HIV? If you're not screening most of the patients you see in your office, you should be. ... Unless, perhaps, you're a med-peds). That was the main message that Stacey Rizza, MD, chair of HIV and outpatient
November 2020

Magic Johnson lives for two decades with HIV

TV that he had HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. ... What were your thoughts on Johnson and HIV/AIDS that day and how have they changed?" asks Matt Brooks in his column.
November 2020

QD: News Every Day--Task Force recommends screening everyone for HIV

The Task Force strongly recommends that clinicians screen all people aged 15 to 65 for HIV infection. ... Younger adolescents and older adults who are at an increased risk for HIV infection should also be screened.
November 2020

Fighting HIV with drugs and nurses

Fighting HIV with drugs and nurses. The XVI International Conference on AIDS is being held in Mexico City this week and some studies presented there highlighted new avenues for cost-effectively ... Of course, reducing the quantity of new HIV infections
November 2020

Former Surgeon General to be featured speaker at today's Opening Ceremony | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

abroad. During his tenure, he helped address critical public health issues, including the Ebola outbreak, the Zika virus, low rates of physical activity, and the explosion in e-cigarette use among ... He co-founded VISIONS, an HIV/AIDS education program
April 2019

Return of the spirochete

On every ICU rotation I met patients dying of AIDS. Back then medications to treat HIV were few, new, and only modestly effective. ... HIV was usually a rapidly fatal disease. It was scary. Counseling patients about condom use and monogamy was not
November 2020

Indiana: 1 out of 2

Rural Scott County, in southeast Indiana, has reported more than six dozen new cases of HIV in 2015 alone. ... To combat the spread of HIV, which is due to the sharing of needles for injection drug use, Governor Pence's emergency order permits public
November 2020

HIV prophylaxis means discussing sex, drugs with patients

Many people who are PrEP candidates do not know their risk of HIV infection. ... Do you know whether your partner (or partners) has been tested for HIV?
September 2014

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