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DynaMed Plus image quiz: CT scan This image and answer were derived directly from DynaMed Plus content, which include tables as well as summaries of individual studies. ... More information on DynaMed Plus is available online
January 2017

DynaMed Plus image quiz: Thrombosis

Answer: B. An improved functional outcome at 3 months. DynaMed Plus supporting citations are available for stroke and for thrombolytics for acute stroke. ... DynaMed Plus helps you to:. Support your clinical decisions in practice.
April 2017

Getting diagnostic help through sharing the patient's story

I immediately pulled up DynaMed Plus (disclaimer, I am on the editorial board and all ACP members get DynaMed Plus for free for the next 2 years) to investigate this possibility.
April 2022

PERSPECTIVES 4 ACP Internist Last November, the debate over ...

Te s t Yo u r s e l f. DynaMed Plus image quiz: Thrombosis. ... For more information, visit ACP’s websiteon DynaMed Plus at Answer: B.
March 2017

DynaMed Plus Quiz: Shortness of breath

Using a calculator such as the one in DynaMed Plus will quickly calculate a score of 7. ... The DynaMed Plus evidence summary for this question is online. DynaMed Plus helps you to:.
November 2017

Delving into DynaMed Plus

However, DynaMed Plus has added specific features that help transform the entire database. ... and international guidelines. To access DynaMed Plus as an ACP member, go online.
September 2015

DynaMed Plus Quiz: Breast cancer screening Test yourself with this quiz from DynaMed Plus. Screening for breast cancer refers to any test performed on ... The DynaMed Plus evidence summary for this question
July 2017

Nominees named for College Officer and Regent positions

ACP activities: Governor-elect, Minnesota Chapter, 2010-2011; Governor, Minnesota Chapter, 2011-2015; Chapters Subcommittee, 2012-2013; Executive Committee of the Board of Governors, 2013-2015; ACP Task Force on DynaMed ... Plus, 2016-present; Health &
November 2016

ACP's international presence promotes better clinical care

International internists are growing and represent 10% of our membership. These members value our educational material, such as Annals of Internal Medicine, DynaMed Plus, newsletters, ACP JournalWise, IM Essentials, and of
February 2017

Officer and Regents election results announced

Task Force on DynaMed Plus, 2016-2017; High Value Care Task Force, 2017-2018; Chair, Awards Committee, 2017-present; Chair, Restoring the Story Task Force, January 2019-present.
March 2019

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