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COVID-19 news on monoclonal antibodies, psychiatric drug and complications

A monoclonal antibody received emergency use authorization, but experts described implementation challenges with this therapeutic class. New research found potential benefit from a psychiatric drug in COVID-19 outpatients and associations of COVID-19 with psychiatric disorders.
17 Nov 2020

Getting dialysis for undocumented patients

Undocumented immigrants in the U.S. with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) number in the thousands, and new programs and policies are allowing them to tap into dialysis before their condition warrants emergency treatment.
1 Feb 2021

Annual face time between patients and physicians rose since 1979 due to longer visits

A racial/ethnic gap in time spent with physicians widened over the three studied decades, with White patients getting 22.9 and 14.7 minutes more per year than Black and Hispanic patients, respectively, by 2018.
14 Jun 2022

A farewell perspective after 4 decades of advocacy

ACP's Special Advisor to the Chief Advocacy Officer and SVP Emeritus reflects on forty years of pursuing social justice and equity.
1 Jul 2022

Hear, hear for audio-only health care access

Audio-only telemedicine has improved patient care, especially for rural and disadvantaged patients. ACP is seeking member feedback on their use of the practice.
1 Feb 2023

ABIM offers module on caring for the medically underserved

And the winner is …
4 May 2010

Treating HIV, teaching trainees motivate this internist

Valerie E. Stone, MD, FACP.
1 Oct 2011

Thoracic meeting features research on pulmonary diseases and ICU

Thoracic meeting features research on pulmonary diseases and ICUVitamin B12 declines in patients taking metformin
25 May 2010

ACP's plan to overcome obstacles to good health care

ACP's vision for U.S. health care addresses insurance costs, excessive prices, and more support for primary care as a way of improving the system.
1 Mar 2020

Should American health care be tweaked, or overhauled?

If the former, then only modest, incremental policies may be needed to expand coverage at the edges and to lower out-of-pocket costs. If the latter, then more ambitious policies to fundamentally change how health care is financed, delivered, and covered would be needed.
1 Jan 2020

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