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Quality and cost of care at the end of life

and cost control, then recent momentum leading to improvements in end-of-life care could face a serious setback. ... Having effective discussions with patients about death and end-of-life care is not about death panels, assisted suicide, giving up,
March 2015

ACP Internist

She lives in Idaho when not traveling. Disturbed by various aspects of the practice of medicine that make no sense and concerned about the cost of providing health care to every ... With so much attention to physician burnout and the high cost of care,
August 2019

Help drive ACP's new vision for health care | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

the future of America's health care system. ... Important topics include coverage and cost of care, delivery system and payment reforms, and breaking down barriers to accessing care.
April 2019

Just one eye

There are many who give simplistic answers to that question, but most of them ignore the cause of our problems: the out-of-control cost of care. ... So there are ways to cut the cost of care for many people.
August 2019

Time to listen

in the basics of care for complex problems. ... With so much attention to physician burnout and the high cost of care, the discussion spends far too little time talking about the lack of time most primary care docs have
August 2019

Not an uplifting post

of care (how 'bout that alliteration?). ... He found that even an expert in appropriate care can get sucked into a miserable, wasteful spiral of specialist consultations and costly testing.
August 2019

True emergencies

The doctor has to get to know the person’s medical history quickly, assess whether or not this constitutes a“ true emergency” (requires hospitalization), take care of those with“ true emergencies,” ... Avoiding unnecessary treatment and getting
August 2019

Repeal and ... then what?

issues driving up health care costs are not a consequence of the ACA, and that repealing it will not magically reduce the cost of care or its consequences, like the growing ... payment, rejects the need to measure outcomes of care and improve care
August 2019

Understanding MIPS, how much patients cost 'the system'

As physicians convert to the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System, they will eventually be required to consider the cost of care they deliver to patients. ... The last three Practice Tips columns covered the other three MIPS performance categories:
April 2017

Looking in the wrong place?

cost of care. ... It suggests that tight utilization management of“ big ticket” items may not have the impact of changing more“ every day” patterns of care.
August 2019

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