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Transitioning patients from pediatric to adult care | ACP Internist

As adolescents become young adults, there comes a time when pediatricians will no longer see them. For those patients with chronic, sometimes complex, conditions, it can be hard to know how to transition into the adult internal medicine world. ACP,

Extensivists, "big picture-ists," and more : ACP Internist

At a Friday morning session, Jeffrey Greenwald, MD, offered a brief overview of evolving models for hospitalists in care transitions. The ...

QD: News Every Day--14 quality measures endorsed for palliative, end-of-life care : ACP Internist

The National Quality Forum (NQF) Board of Directors has approved for endorsement 14 quality measures on palliative and end-of-life care to a...

Textbook edition reflects evolution of hospital medicine | ACP Internist

The first update of “Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine” exemplifies how hospital medicine has evolved and the skills that hospitalists need to have.

Moving toward patient-centered care | ACP Internist

Practice not currently considering the patient-centered medical home model can still position themselves for an eventual transition if and when the idea comes of age.

CMS proposes some revised requirements for chronic care | ACP Internist

It is important for internists to understand and plan for how they could meet the proposed service requirements and take advantage of payment for non-face-to-face chronic care management.

CMS considers codes for additional non-face-to-face services | ACP Internist

New codes will allow billing for the complicated and far-reaching services that are provided as part of chronic complex care.

Medicine and management: hits from Hospital Medicine | ACP Internist

An expert discusses managing aortic dissection as a disease for life. Also, highlights from Hospital Medicine 2009 discuss caring for the pregnant patient, documenting care for the best reimbursement and ways to improve handoffs from shift to shift.

Chronic care management at last, and how to code for it | ACP Internist

Understand how to bill and code for a final rule that updates payment policies and rates for services furnished under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, making it certain that Medicare will pay for chronic care management services.

Teaching diabetes self-management ‘basic survival skills' | ACP Internist

Diabetes self-management education is cost-efficient and can improve A1c levels “far greater” than the effect required to approve a new drug for the disease. Smartphones, health coaches and educators are part of the new paradigm to help patients.

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