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Pulmonology: pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary hemorrhages, among others;. Hepatology: congestive hepatopathy, cardiac cirrhosis, and Fontan-associated liver disease;.
October 2017

Telehealth expands reach of palliative care in rural areas

We have already invested in other teleintensivists, such as pulmonology, and palliative care is better suited to telehealth than many other specialties because of its focus on the visual,
February 2020

40 years in health policy, then 40 days in the hospital

Yet as important as physicians are—my surgeon supported by a team of physicians in infectious disease, nephrology, cardiology, emergency medicine, pulmonology, gastroenterology, anesthesiology, and radiology are the ones who kept
March 2022

Test yourself

The correct answer is B) Perform an exercise challenge test. This item is available online to MKSAP 14 subscribers in the Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine section, Item 57.
March 2010


Patients hospitalized for chronic respiratory disease did not appear to benefit from early rehab started during their hospital stay versus usual care, according to a new study.
July 2014


A new guideline was released last week on pharmacologic therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension in adults.
June 2014

Classified Advertising 22 ACPINTERNIST If contributing to a team ...

Answer and critiqueThe correct answer is C: Serial chest. radiography. This question can be found inMKSAP 16 in the Pulmonology and CriticalCare section, item 8.
June 2013

Changes to contraindication for statins in pregnancy

Another new recommendation advised referring to recent recommendations from the American Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology when treating patients with COVID-19.
September 2021

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This item is available to MKSAP 17 subscribers as item 49 in the Pulmonology & Critical Care Medicine section.
June 2018

Test yourself

The correct answer is B: Oxygen therapy. This item is available to MKSAP 16 subscribers as item 68 in the Pulmonology and Critical Care section.
June 2015

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