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Patient-centered care, part 1

Patient-centered care, part 1. Three (and a half) years ago, when I left my old practice, I was near burnout. ... To catch those up who don't know, my current practice is entirely different than my old one.
October 2021

The high cost of high cost

I don't think so. I recently had a conversation with a friend who has a practice that is very similar to mine. ... But this doesn't just apply to my practice model; it applies to all of health care.
October 2021

Dealing with the hassles of prior authorization

Although it is an extra step, it may result in less overall time spent by practice staff. ... Margo Williams, MHA, CMPE, is a senior associate in ACP's Department of Medical Practice, which provides ACP members with resources related to practice
May 2016

Investing in EHRs pays off in paperless perks

After eight months with the software, his practice spends 10% less time on phone calls, Dr. ... Of the 34 practices who underwent review by the Center for Practice Innovation:.
February 2008

Practice Tips: Is ‘secure’ texting an oxymoron or a possibility?

Further, there are multiple competing apps, and it is not realistic for a practice to select an app and then require or even expect patients to install the same one. ... Margo Williams, MHA, CMPE, is a senior associate in ACP's Department of Medical
October 2014

Managing risk: a little attention equals a lot of prevention

Not only is this good practice, it is good risk management. ... Make sure all weight scales and sphygmomanometers are calibrated annually. For helpful forms, go to ACP's practice management center.
April 2008

Internists interacting with retail clinics

3. Retail clinics should use standardized medical protocols based on evidence-based practice guidelines. ... Source: Daniel H, Erickson S; Medical Practice and Quality Committee of the American College of Physicians.
February 2016

Motivational interviewing tips for the whole practice

The conversation between the physician and the patient, with reinforcement from staff, depends on the relationship and trust the patient has with the practice as a whole. ... Margo Williams, MHA, CMPE, is a senior associate in ACP's Department of Medical
January 2015

Capital location inspires political theme for annual meeting

Scientific sessions at Internal Medicine 2007 in San Diego blended clinical sessions with topics on practice management and maintenance of certification. ... Other new offerings for this year include a Practice Management track and two half-day
April 2008

Improving access tops list of small-office tips

In a poorly organized practice, everything from refills to patient self-management suffers. ... Barr said. One change has already come to pass: the CPI has merged with the College's Practice Management Center and become the Center for Practice
June 2008

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