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Improving trainee well-being vital to medical culture

COVID-19 has affected physician mental health in many ways, including an increase in burnout. ... When I was a medical student and an internal medicine resident in New York City, there was no wellness committee, there was no talk of physician burnout or
June 2022

ACP engages in the political process because it is necessary

patients and contribute to physician burnout; studies show that unhappy people do not make good doctors.
April 2017

ACP's international presence reflects familiar domestic needs

workforce (especially in primary care), promoting population health, dealing with physician burnout, and sustaining internal medicine as a critically important specialty. ... We also shoulder very similar frustrations in response to administrative burden
November 2014

8 ways that members can guide College activities

4. Achieve results that reduce physician burnout, help restore the joy of practice, and reinvigorate the patient-physician relationship.
March 2017

ACP's Washington office reviews its own ‘seven days in May’

They discussed a proposed framework, developed by the Washington policy staff, for identifying administrative requirements and other hassles that undermine the patient-physician relationship and contribute to physician burnout. ... Senate Finance
July 2013

Mission and purpose can counter feelings of burnout ACP's president discusses physician burnout and the College's efforts to address it. ... From the conversations on burnout, we understand that connection
June 2018

10 tips for well-being amid COVID-19

But now that the country's trying to get back to normal, the realities of physician burnout are creeping back into the picture, he said. ... The following presentations can be found under the Physician Well-being and Professional Satisfaction tab.
July 2020

Readers weigh in on ACP's meaning, ‘nonspecific’ back pain Readers respond to coverage about fighting physician burnout and nonspecific back pain. ... a physician from Canada talked about the true meaning of the
July 2018

2019 International Forum highlights physician well-being

to address this epidemic of physician burnout and promote a culture of well-being. ... Areas of measurement might include patient satisfaction, physician engagement, retention, rate of physician burnout, and the engagement of the health care team as a
October 2019

What would a happy health care New Year look like?

We pay more for health care in the United States mainly because our prices are higher, whether it's for advanced imaging, hospital stays, emergency care, nonprimary care physician services, or ... 3. Reduce the crushing administrative burden on doctors
January 2018

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