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Is gluten-free just a fad?

To some extent, this is a product of something called "detection bias." The more aware and concerned the health care community is about any given health condition, the more we tend ... centered care.
January 2020

The ethics of end-of-life care erupt in the ICU

But a family member overwhelmed by the shock of a relative's unexpected, devastating illness can have a particularly hard time making a good, patient-centered decision. ... Obviously, it would be optimal to unite the family in reaching consensus about a
February 2008

Does AHEAD set us back?

patient-centered care.
January 2020

Medical professionalism faces new challenges, opportunities

ACP is leading these efforts with support for the patient-centered medical home and neighborhood, development of rational performance measures and promotion of the high-value, cost-conscious care initiative. ... But if we. remember to put patient
January 2012

An individual effort to smooth transitions

A multicomponent intervention to smooth hospital discharges back into primary care involved a personal visit to every hospitalized patient. ... Patients also received a patient-centered care plan, a booklet with information about their health conditions,
September 2017

5 things that doctors learn from their patients

5 things that doctors learn from their patients. For all the talk about patient-centered care and a new health care paradigm, which is of course the right way forward, the ... doctor-patient relationship will always remain relatively one-sided because of
January 2020

Guns, steel, grit, and grief

According to colleagues, he was one of the greats, the kind of doctor every medical student wants to be, and the kind of doctor every patient wants to have. ... patient-centered care.
January 2020

How today's health care teams can play to win

Physician satisfaction may also increase when the workload is shared with a group of patient-centered professionals. ... We bring knowledge and skills not only as clinicians but also as educators, evaluators and innovators who will be much needed in
July 2011

Cleaning the House of Medicine

Why? Because when we, or loved ones, are the patient, surgery is a very big deal. ... patient-centered care.
January 2020

Our weight is not a choice

As we foray ever further into an age of incentives and disincentives to nudge people toward better health and lower disease-care costs, it becomes urgently timely to acknowledge that weight ... patient-centered care.
January 2020

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