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Without question

The patient answered, not his mom. “Um, no. I think you've explained it all to me.”. ... Which, in a way, is pretty ridiculous, you know? I mean this patient was grown, man.
September 2020

Say what you're thinking

There's never going to be a happy way to break bad news. But, as a recent column in the New York Times points out, physicians' efforts to p...
September 2020

What can and can't be changed

For example, I am not a haranguer, but no matter how subtle I try to be, it's rare for a patient not to pick up the very clear message that ... His research interests include doctor-patient communication, bioethics, and systematic reviews. He is also a
September 2020

Entering the narrative

Instead of being a written account of the care given to the patient (i.e. ... That's what patient-centered care really is. It's their story, not ours.
September 2020

The 'annual' mammogram: an enlightening letter

His research interests include doctor-patient communication, bioethics, and systematic reviews. He is also a poet, journalist and translator in Yiddish and English.
September 2020

Ward rounds ... does style matter?

Students and residents felt they could read books and medical literature, but they wanted and needed attending physicians to demonstrate clinical reasoning, patient communication, physical examination skills, and professional physician behavior.”.
September 2020

Thanks for listening

We knew that the patient had had lung cancer for several months and had failed radiation and chemotherapy. ... The patient and his family understand that it might not work, but they wanted to try it.
September 2020

Doctor Scum Bag

If doctors communicate poorly with my patient, they will be less likely to get well, and will hence be more likely to need their services. ... Killing time. One of the most remarkable differences in my new practice is the amount of time I can give each
September 2020

Put patients in the driver's seat to steer toward better health

The three-year, $3.75 million initiative's objective is to identify and ultimately spread collaborative self-management practices that prove effective in boosting physician-patient communication about goal setting, information ... t think of as a
February 2008

Trying to do right

this time consuming work that occurs after the patient is long gone from the exam room. ... But even with the extra time it takes to order and follow-up on tests and order prescriptions, it takes even more time to explain to a patient why these things
September 2020

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