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More than a notion

Think.”. Yeah. Oh, and let me be clear: The team that was caring for this patient before was thoughtful and empathic. ... Yes. What will I have remaining. Damn right I will. My patient said she wanted to go home.
November 2020

Some type of way

When I saw you on rounds today you were quiet. Your eyes looked in my direction but were otherwise vacant. This was a change. Me: “You okay?...
November 2020

Trying to do right

this time consuming work that occurs after the patient is long gone from the exam room. ... But even with the extra time it takes to order and follow-up on tests and order prescriptions, it takes even more time to explain to a patient why these things
November 2020

Patients as partners

Yet I believe he still has something to teach the 21st century on the topic of patient participation. ... today's patient as consumer and active participant in the doctor-patient relationship.
November 2020

Help me, I'm deciding

And who's to say that a patient from one race, say, or economic stratum, will react to alternatives the same way as another? ... His research interests include doctor-patient communication, bioethics, and systematic reviews. He is also a poet, journalist
November 2020

‘Discontinued’ medications a problem when using EHRs

I started to look into it after a patient whose medication I had discontinued came back in on it. ... Q: What are some short- and long-term potential solutions? A: Over the short term, [we need] more patient communication.
April 2013

Unmasking the patient's hidden agenda

Their work provides deep insight into physician-patient communication. They are particularly focused on how a doctor responds to his patient's emotions, and how this response guides the types of ... The patient left a message the next day thanking him
September 2009

Personal tech

Records are not for patient care or communication, they are the goods doctors give to the payors in exchange for money. ... My main communication tool, Twistle, allows me to communicate quickly and securely with my patients.
November 2020

The limits of empathy

That was the session "From Jazz to Medicine: Exploring Improvisation in Clinical Practice." Attendees learned some patient communication skills, heard some great jazz, and came to understand the parallels between the ... If I were the patient, I would
November 2020


This post by ACP Member Kevin Pho, MD, originally appeared on MedPage Today's . It's time to ask patients whether they text a...
November 2020

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