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Cyberchondria rising, or can we call it 'Googlitis'?

A section on the new diagnosis starts like this: "Although not yet in the Oxford English Dictionary, the word 'cyberchondria' has been coined to describe the excessive use of internet health
November 2021

Positioning patient portals for success

Physicians should be feeling out the patient to see whether they feel comfortable with technology enough to set up a patient portal,” said Dr.
November 2020

Department of really cool ideas

Here's the new approach. The investigators created new, living conduction tissue, the rough equivalent of biological wires, which they termed “engineered electrical conduction tracts” or EECTs. ... They were able to show that these EECTs could create
November 2021

'No-touch' technology changing the feel of the physical exam

No-touch' technology changing the feel of the physical exam. I suffer with herniated lumbar disks. ... Technology will separate us while at once creating the opportunity for a new type of connection.
November 2021

Big data and the bog of information

In other cases, though, recreational devices can provide the first alert to an undiagnosed condition, said David Slotwiner, MD, chief of the division of cardiology at New York-Presbyterian Queens. ... At this point, the heart monitoring data produced by
September 2018

What's great about U.S. health care?

But when it leads to innovation and cutting edge new technologies and treatments, what’s wrong with physician entrepreneurs? ... His other clinical interests include quality improvement, hospital safety, hospital utilization, and the use of technology
November 2021

QD: News Every Day--3 studies outline who's adopting EHRs, and how fast

Painter, MD, JD, of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, with David Blumenthal, MD, MPP, immediate past national coordinator of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, in a ... That is an extraordinary investment by this
November 2021

Speaking freely of guns

Our species invented its approach to talking before the advent of any technology. ... Read the text here, and see the difference for yourself. Whether or not Congress is obligated under the Constitution to remove all barriers to everyone for every new
November 2021

11 myths busted about ICD-10 implementation

Any further revisions to ICD-9 will only be for a new disease and/or a procedure representing new technology. ... 1, 2011. Between Oct. 1, 2011, and Oct. 1, 2015, any revisions to ICD-10 will be for new diseases/new technology procedures, and any minor
October 2013

Informal learning and its moral for medical education

The technology made it possible to use her motivation and the car trip for this great learning opportunity. ... He is interested in use of technology in education, social media and networking, practice management and evidence-based medicine tools,
November 2021

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