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At the Democraticdebate in Philadelphia, Dennis Kucinichexplained his sponsorship of legislationestablishing Medicare for all: “There is noone else on this stage who is ready to takeon the insurance companies directly,” hesaid.).
20 Dec 2007

The Campaign Trail: Health care plank builds presidential platforms

Where do the presidential hopefuls stand on health care?.
1 Jan 2008

Congress needs to rewrite script for fixing payment system

Washington, D.C. is once again playing its own version of the film “Groundhog Day.”.
1 Jan 2008

2008 CPT codes clarify billing for phone and electronic E/M

My staff just got their new CPT books. Is there anything in particular that I should notice?.
1 Jan 2008

Regents approve Governors' resolutions, measures on leadership, health care reform

The Board of Regents voted at its October 27-28 meeting.
1 Jan 2008

Infectious disease doctors tackle bad bugs with fewer drugs

Annual meeting unveils research, techniques that could help stem the tide of resistance and disease, particularly with the increase of ‘C-diff’.
1 Jan 2008

Democrats overplay their hand on health care policy

The newly elected Democratic majority that took charge of Congress last January promised an ambitious health care agenda.
1 Feb 2008

Will baby boomers' clout lead to better care for the elderly?

Geriatrician and author Robert Butler, MD, has long been involved in activities that have changed the way the U.S. medical establishment and the public view aging.
1 Feb 2008

Companies may bring genetic scans direct to consumers

The American consumer seems to be growing weary of TV ads for erectile dysfunction drugs.
1 Feb 2008

Clearing up confusion over Medicare coverage for vaccines

Medicare's vaccination payments covered in a variety of ways.
1 Mar 2008

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