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Learning how to interpret statistics from an epidemiologist

In the third chapter the author uses lung cancer screening scenarios to effectively explain terms like accuracy, sensitivity and specificity in diagnostic testing, and the concept of positive predictive value. ... This book sets the stage for richer,
July 2020

Decision aids integral to shared decision making

for selecting a depression medication or deciding whether to have prostate cancer screening. ... Gutnick. Dr. Soung, for example, uses them for deciding about CT scans for lung cancer screening, medications for osteoporosis and depression, second-line
May 2019

Don't blur the message on cancer screening

By contrast, early treatment of breast cancer is often lifesaving. Lung cancer screening may be helpful in people at high risk, such as smoking, but one could argue that the CT ... As for mammography in breast cancer screening, please don't get me wrong.
July 2020

Screening for lung cancer can be easier said than done

Lung cancer screening has been recommended for high-risk patients for five years now, but implementing those recommendations in clinical practice isn't always easy. ... Do you find lung cancer screening a challenge? What are your thoughts on #MeToo in
May 2018

Your doctor is there for you, even when you aren't sick

Screening for lung cancer is much less satisfying. If X-rays or CT scans are used in a general population, they are not effective at discriminating sick people from well. ... We still haven't found a good answer to lung cancer screening, but we do know
July 2020

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