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Readers respond on narrative medicine, low-dose aspirin

In order to improve on the present, one needs an enviable alternate reality. ... The “low dose” used in all the studies is not really low dose, according to the original past work of Drs.
May 2019

Letters to the Editor Readers respond to previous coverage about mergers of large insurance companies, and with concerns about our coverage of complementary care. ... Brian Berman, MD, properly pointed out in Ms. Durkin's
April 2016

Letters to the Editor A reader questions blood pressure measurement as it is performed clinically and during medical research. ... To what extent is “white coat hypertension” baked into the studies upon which we depend
January 2013

Letters to the Editor Readers respond to the ACP InternistWeekly item about lower pay driving physicians to cut their hours, and to the cover story that questioned ... I am sure that this is a net savings for the system,
April 2010

Letters to the Editor Readers respond about team care. After reading the October 2010 issue of ACP Internist, I found somewhat striking and disturbing the inconsistency between ... Ralston and Mr. Doherty, has great
February 2011

Letters to the Editor ACP Hospitalist, ACP mobile content, ACP Press, and ACP QI programs. ... Moshe Chasky whose tenacity in pursing a diagnosis led to the improvement in the patient's condition.
November 2008

Letters to the Editor ACP members take the organization to task for its positions on modifying reimbursement to doctors, and the organization's legislative leader offers a ... But physicians can't just ignore the evidence
September 2012

Letters to the Editor Readers respond about managing depression and obtaining prior authorization. As a psychiatrist, I appreciated seeing the front-page article “Managing depression is worth ... David A. Gorelick, MD,
July 2016

Letters to the Editor Readers submit their thoughts on using scribes and paying for medical school. ... We old-timers understand the importance of the emotional dynamic to the therapeutic equation.
April 2012

Letters to the Editor Readers consider recent articles on futile cases, autism and payment reform. ... The NAA has chapters all over the country. I belong to the New York Metro Chapter that is very active in serving the
January 2009

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