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Docs and the means of production

A 10-bed hospital? Thank you notes for each discharged patient? Sign me up to go there next time I need hospital services. ... Free enterprise. Why shouldn't I make more money if my hospital runs well?".
September 2020

Issue covers highlights from Internal Medicine 2010

Internal Medicine 2010, held in Toronto this April, offered a little something for everyone. ... And that's not all: This issue also includes conference coverage from the Society of Hospital Medicine's annual meeting, also held this April in Washington, D
June 2010

When instinct trumps expertise

But sometimes I get perplexing instructions from the specialists. The emergency medicine dogma can be overbroad and a little hidebound and what the specialists will do in the real world often ... radically diverges from what the emergency medicine
September 2020

QD: News Every Day--mistletoe and miscellanea

QD: News Every Day--mistletoe and miscellanea. ACP Internist's daily digest of news and events continues with delays in the Senate, progress for hospital medicine and mistletoe's evidence-based ... Hospital medicine. In Wilmar, Minn., hospitalist Fred
September 2020

Placing one pebble on another

the nurses' station; rumors of snacks; gossip about which hospital executive did what to whom and why. ... Zackary Berger, MD, ACP Member, is a primary care doctor and general internist in the Division of General Internal Medicine at Johns Hopkins.
September 2020

Looking back: Some constants amid change

Looking back at the history of health care reform to gain insight on the future of primary care medicine. ... explosive growth of hospital medicine, and an increasingly evidence-based approach to managing disease, to name only a few of the topics we've
July 2009

New oxygen requirement overruled without a reason

In some instances it seems we are training our future internists to think no further than the walls of the hospital, creating inpatient triage-ists. ... By isolating our training to the inpatient setting and thinking of medicine in an inpatient silo we
September 2020

Should medical administrators still care for patients?

It has been a wonderful opportunity to experience the day-to-day activities involved in hospital medicine, and of course, to see and care for patients. ... It allows me the opportunity to reflect on why I went into medicine in the first place.
September 2020

Computer$ and health care cost$

Computers allow us to set scripts for our visits with you (whether in the hospital, the ER, the OR, or the regular office). ... As but one outlier example, Baptist Hospital in Nashville saw its ER billings increase 82% the year after installing an
September 2020

QD: News Every Day--White House wades into drug shortage problem

President Obama ordered the Food and Drug Administration to alleviate drug shortages by broadening reporting of potential shortages, speed...
September 2020

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