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Does mammography save lives?

Why would physicians zealously recommend tests that were of such limited value?
January 2020

ACP's ‘Mission: Not Impossible’

We will continue to advocate strongly for changes that increase the relevance of the MOC process and value to our members. ... we now have even greater opportunities to promote high-value care by responding to the new CMS rule on the Medicare Shared
April 2015

Together internal medicine and the subspecialties are stronger

Members of the American College of Physicians met with the leaders of subspecialty societies to develop ways to better coordinate care, redesign medical education and support the medical profession. ... After lunch, we broke into five small groups, each
January 2013

Waste not in health care

Waste not in health care. In some ways, the Institute of Medicine is like the famed "Academy" of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. ... There's an appendix to the report (appendix B, if you're keeping score) called "A CEO Checklist on High Value Care"
January 2020

Institute of Medicine report falls short on primary care training

The intent of the PCMH is to enhance value in the care of patients.
October 2014

Are internists ready to respond, or asleep at the concert?

A 2011 article in Annals of Internal Medicine proposed adding high-value care as a critical seventh general competency. ... These are lofty goals that respond to skills needed by physicians in the modern paradigm of health care and the importance of
July 2014

Best practices, and when your doctor says no

Best practices, and when your doctor says no. The American College of Physicians and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention give guidelines (known as high-value care advice) to physicians ... All primary care physicians and emergency department
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--10 recommendations for 10 years to cut $2 trillion from health care costs

Strengthening primary care and adjusting reimbursement to cover high-value care of complex patients could cut $2 trillion from health care costs in the next 10 years, according to policy analysts. ... Provide incentives for Medicare and Medicaid
January 2020

Collaborations gather disparate organizations together

few. In the field of education, with the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine we have focused on residency training redesign and development of educational programs that include high-value, cost-conscious ... Their effectiveness will require
September 2011

Finding common ground

to the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare—and on the performance of the president of the United States. ... alternative payment model described his experiences working with Medicare to develop, test, and evaluate innovative ways to deliver high-value care
May 2018

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