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New grass allergy treatment, opioid overdose solution

The majority of patients also had 1 or more anticipated adverse events, such as low-frequency hearing loss, tinnitus, electrode malfunction, and dizziness. ... Twenty-two developed profound or total low-frequency hearing loss in the implanted ear.
June 2014

A woman with severe vertigo with nausea, vomiting, tinnitus

Physical examination, including vital signs, is normal. An audiogram discloses a bilateral low-frequency sensorineural hearing loss. ... chronic, episodic course or the progressive hearing loss associated with Ménière's disease.
March 2009


Erectile dysfunction drugs tadalafil(Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra), and sildena-fil (Viagra) received label changes to high-light potential risk of sudden hearing loss.
December 2007

Differentiating ‘dizziness' and vertigo

The test can also help determine which ear is affected. If there is hearing loss, ask questions to determine if the patient has Ménière's disease, said Dr. ... Paauw. “The patient will have a combination of vertigo, hearing loss, ringing in the ears
January 2017

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

Updated hearing loss guideline clarifies timing of interventions. Among other recommendations, the American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery said clinicians assessing sudden hearing loss should distinguish sensorineural hearing loss
October 2019

FDA updates boxed warnings for rosiglitazone, other drugs

Erectile dysfunction drugs tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra), and sildenafil (Viagra) received label changes to highlight potential risk of sudden hearing loss.
January 2008

Consensus lacking on lifestyle and dementia

modifiable risk factors beyond those three, including hearing loss, smoking, and social isolation. ... Precisely why hearing loss is associated with dementia is not yet clear, Dr.
October 2017

Warnings on clopidogrel, high-dose simvastatin, ear candles

The Esteem, the first totally implanted hearing system, used to treat moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss.
May 2010

Chromosome is where the heart is

Symptoms include delayed puberty, down-slanting or wide-set eyes, hearing loss (varies), low-set or abnormally shaped ears, mild intellectual disability in about 25% of cases, ptosis, short stature, small
September 2013

Hands-on learning is the new Clinical Skills Center's mission

screening for hearing loss and recognition of common hearing aid problems.
April 2008

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