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QD: News Every Day--Tread lightly on adjusting inpatients’ drug regimens for chronic conditions

This approach requires a clear definition of the role of the inpatient physician in chronic disease management. ... Determining whether acute control of chronic disease benefits the patient’s near-term health is essential.
May 2020

Are we really training learners to manage diseases?

I can teach someone to how to manage a disease: Take history, do an exam, maybe do some tests, decide on treatment. ... It puts the patient at the heart of our care, instead of the disease: To date, disease management strategies & algorithms rarely
May 2020

Preserving the clinical relationship in the age of digital health

Effective chronic disease management, particularly aspects related to lifestyle habits and behavior, is greatly aided by longitudinal trust between doctors and patients.
July 2015

QD: News Every Day--CME on CNN on Saturday night

system that focuses more on disease management than disease prevention.
May 2020

From policy to results: How does it all come together?

It all started with the College first identifying that reducing barriers to chronic disease management was an important membership need and priority, considering that the number of patients with multiple chronic ... We helped persuade Medicare to
March 2016

Chronic disease model helps improve smoking cessation efforts

Where: Minneapolis-St. Paul. The Issue: To devise a smoking cessation program based on chronic disease management principles rather than a one-time quit attempt. ... Dr. Joseph and her colleagues decided to test a smoking cessation treatment that would
July 2012

Discussing death, dying, and advance care planning

Discussions, patient and family resources, and/or decision aids can be more in-depth for those with serious illness, ideally beginning early in the disease course and repeated or revisited as ... disease management, exercise, and nutrition programs.
September 2017

What's new in other College publications

Effect of Varying Levels of Disease Management on Smoking Cessation: A Randomized Trial. ... Menopause. Differences in Control of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes by Race, Ethnicity, and Education.
April 2009

Feds plans to eliminate doctors from the prescribing loop

This sort of self-diagnosis and treatment conflicts with the kind of care coordination and disease management that both the administration and private sector are trying to achieve through the new ... You can also use the address below for regular mail:.
May 2020

One expert's view on the prospects for reform

One expert's view on the prospects for reform. This week I'm attending the co-located National Medical Home Summit, National Retail Clinic Summit, and Population Health and Disease Management
May 2020

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