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Reconciling conflicting diabetes guidance

The guidance statement shouldn't be taken to think ACP is relaxing on diabetes,” he said. ... The new drugs may have a role [in diabetes management], particularly in higher-risk individuals with HbA1c levels persistently above 8% despite use of other
June 2018

Clarifying issues for telehealth services

99496: Transitional care management, within 7 days of discharge;. 99497: Advance care planning, first 30 minutes;. ... 99498: Advance care planning, additional 30 minutes;. G0108: Diabetes management training, individual;.
January 2018

Treating opioid addiction in primary care

In diabetes news, recent research has questioned self-monitoring of blood glucose levels. ... Of course, glucose self-monitoring is not one-size-fits-all and remains a vital part of diabetes management, especially in patients with type 1 diabetes or
October 2017

Is self-monitoring of blood glucose still needed for diabetes?

The question is whether and when the process is worthwhile for patients with relatively uncomplicated type 2 diabetes. ... Another issue that crosses socioeconomic boundaries, particularly among patients with diabetes, is depression.
October 2017

Warnings on insomnia meds, pacemaker battery depletion

A warning that patients should not use unauthorized devices for diabetes management, either alone or with authorized devices. ... The drug's safety has not been established in patients with type 1 or uncontrolled type 2 diabetes.
July 2019

Diabetes remission through diet may be doable, with support

Despite following everything by the book on diabetes management, Priyanka Wali, MD, an internist practicing in San Francisco, noticed her patients' numbers wouldn't improve unless they changed their diets. ... Primary care-led weight management for
May 2018

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