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Treating opioid addiction in primary care This issue covers treating opioid addiction in primary care, counseling lifestyle habits to prevent cognitive dementia, and low ... Two recent reports on dementia,
October 2017

Best patient care gets lost amid the health care delivery system

Ms. Jason, a 78-year-old woman with moderately advanced dementia, had a habit of getting up at 2 a.m.
February 2010

Endo ‘08: new research ignites debate about best A1C goals

Goldberg said. “These are patients with very decreased life expectancy and severe dementia, or those who can't get to that goal because their baseline is so high,” she said.
September 2008

Squeezing in the cancer screening talk

But not for the former, she said. She noted a time when she had to advocate with other physicians for a 93-year-old with dementia to not get a colonoscopy.
October 2019

Risk of financial abuse in elders should draw internists' attention

Internists' elderly patients face many risks, such as cardiovascular disease, falls, dementia, and financial exploitation.
July 2012

Reconciling conflicting diabetes guidance

10 years due to advanced age (80 years or older), residence in a nursing home, or chronic conditions (such as dementia, cancer, end-stage kidney disease, or severe chronic obstructive pulmonary
June 2018

Alzheimer's patients prepare, enlighten future physicians

It is also aimed at introducing students to research and practice opportunities in fields related to aging and dementia. ... Scores on a Dementia Knowledge Test created by Dr. Morhardt and colleagues show modest improvement in student knowledge after
May 2014

Transitional care can be effective, underused

Conversely, an elderly lady with developing dementia who has outlived her family is difficult to assist, he said.
November 2018

4 concepts can help bolster age-friendly care

In the outpatient setting, mentation includes depression and dementia, which are very common in older adults, [for] which there are identified interventions that have not necessarily been widely disseminated.
March 2020

Subclinical hypothyroidism prompts personalized decisions

So far, no randomized controlled trial has had the statistical power to provide a definitive answer on the impact of treatment on dementia or fracture risk.
February 2021

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