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Hepatitis C drugs offer new options

The approval of multiple drugs in 2013 and 2014 that are able to cure hepatitis C without the use of interferon has dramatically changed the screening, treatment, and epidemiologic paradigms of ... From expanding screening and advising the newly
January 2015

Another kibosh on fecal transplants

Since OpenBiome’s donors are extensively screened, the patients did not have to identify a donor and bear the unreimbursed costs of donor screening. ... 3. The stool donor and stool are qualified by screening and testing performed under the direction
December 2021

“Doctor, can I get an MRI?” ... Not so fast

But as the old adage goes, sometimes less is more. When it comes to unnecessary screening and testing, this adage in many cases holds true. ... We need to educate constantly, encouraging shared decision making with patients and not ordering screening
September 2015

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