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Prescribe opioids, but with caution | ACP Internist

Use of opioids for chronic pain quadrupled in a 10-year span, despite scant evidence that they are effective for noncancer pain and ample evidence of harm. Learn more about how to prescribe them safely.
July 2015

ACP launches new services for quality improvement | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

ACP Advance features a physician-led coaching service, a new QI curriculum, and access to virtual training programs and resources.
April 2019

FDA Updates Archives | ACP Internist

ACP Internist provides news and information for internal medicine physicians about the practice of medicine and reports on the policies, products, and activities of ACP.

QD: News Every Day--FDA eyes mandatory opioid training for prescribers, pushes voluntary education for now : ACP Internist

New FDA policies on opioid prescribing seek continuing education, and eventually, mandatory training, for prescribers of opioids, the agency...
April 2019

QD: News Every Day--Impressions of drug-seeking behavior drive ER providers' opioid prescribing : ACP Internist

There was only fair agreement of drug abuse risk among emergency clinicians' impressions of patients and the monitoring program guidelines t...
April 2019

Doctors and the opioid epidemic : ACP Internist

I am against all forms of bodily pain, both foreign and domestic. I wish the world were pain free. When I am suffering from even a routine h...
April 2019

QD: News Every Day--Taking opioid analgesics for longer spans may lead to depression : ACP Internist

The risk of development of depression may increase when patients are on opioid analgesics longer, a study found Prescription opioid analgesi...
April 2019

QD: News Every Day--Patients, not physicians, key to halting opioid abuse : ACP Internist

The fight against painkiller abuse should focus on patients, not prescribers, who were a source of drugs for three in 10 drug abusers and th...
April 2019

Stopping the spread of disease, overdose deaths from opioid use : ACP Internist

Heroin use is soaring in the U.S. , and with it deaths due to overdose. Many users begin with prescription pain killers but move on to heroi...
April 2019

When the US opioid epidemic causes a Serratia outbreak : ACP Internist

We are in the midst of an almost unprecedented opioid epidemic in the U.S. Last year (2016), overdoses caused 64,000 deaths, which was a 2...
April 2019

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