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Workforce predictions and horse manure

Workforce predictions and horse manure. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) recently released a new report detailing their predictions for the physician workforce of the future. ... He is married with two daughters and enjoys cars,
January 2020

Consider offering in-office labs

Increased regulation and reduced reimbursement should be balanced against new technology and a greatly expanded range of tests available. ... On the other hand, new technology has significantly reduced equipment and reagent costs, and greatly expanded
September 2009

Futuristic medicine

It's the same amazement I experienced when I first read about a new piece of technology called a ‘fax machine’. ... There will be huge advances, but as with all technology, there will be a cost.
January 2020

Personal tech

We use text messages, e-mail, FaceTime, and other technology to stay close to her. ... This is what technology should do: it should enhance connection and improve relationship.
January 2020

Electronic medical records hold doctors hostage

I don’t grasp the technical (doubletalk) explanation for the temporary EMR coma, but we were reminded of how dependent we are on technology. ... To paraphrase, the most famous phrase uttered by Karl Marx, "Technology is the opium of the people." We
January 2020

'The future, Mr. Gittes. The future!'

New 2 Script. Thursday, January 4, 2018.. ... Yes, as predicted in a recent JAMA column by Dr. Michael Nochomovitz, who makes the case for a medical specialty devoted to care of patients through technology.
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--Older doctors adopting mobile technology, too

QD: News Every Day--Older doctors adopting mobile technology, too. Smartphones and tablets have reached 80% of physicians across all practice types, locations and years in practice, and 25% of users ... They also use them to find new information about
January 2020

CPOE is the mobile app we need in health care

Why, in a world of seamless technology including our smartphones, does this occur every day across America? ... Simple, seamless, and quick. If there's anyone from the world of IT out there reading this, who truly wants to design new technology that
January 2020

Is colonoscopy the best colon cancer screening test?

Then, laparoscopic cholecystectomy arrived, a new operation that could remove gallbladders with much less pain and recovery time. ... The prism that should be used to view new medical development is if it serves the greater good.
January 2020

Health insurance as a contributor to high medical costs

A single payer system is the cure for our ills. A single payer could negotiate with providers of health care services, setting prices and examining new technology based on its costs ... It will require leaders who thrive on working together to find new
January 2020

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