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Technology is unkind to the elderly

Technology is unkind to the elderly. In about 1990 we got our first computer. ... Technology, by which I mean computers of all sizes including phones and tablets and the like, offers incredible potential to people as they age.
January 2020

Where is consumer health tech headed?

storage capacity in “the cloud” portend a much more extensive role for this technology. ... So we are at an interesting moment in time. There are a lot of companies trying to commercialize all kinds of new devices and services based on new sensor
January 2020

New thinking about Alzheimer's diagnosis

New technology and biomarkers have contributed to the detection of Alzheimer's disease, but clinicians are skeptical about the value of a diagnosis without the ability to treat the condition.
November 2019

Crowdsourcing CPR

Second, it triggered a bit of a “why didn't I think of that” response, since there was no new technology used, just a clever repurposing of what we all have ... He is married with two daughters and enjoys cars, reading biographies and histories, and
January 2020

Getting there

Last, the regulatory environment has not kept up with changes in technology and demands for more data transparency. ... He is married with two daughters and enjoys cars, reading biographies, and histories, and following his favorite baseball team, the
January 2020

Better than new

I was reminded of the old show when I read a recent piece in the New York Times about improvements in hearing aids. ... Advanced filtering and other technology make it possible for wearers to hear better in noisy environments like restaurants.
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--Breast cancer guideline didn't diminish use of radiation for elderly women

Reimbursement may influence physicians to continue old habits, and also, the "shiny new toy" theory may hold, in which randomized controlled trials are more likely to influence physicians if they introduce ... a new technology, rather than take one away.
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--Tattoos evolve from art into medicine

New 2 Script. Tuesday, August 16, 2011..
January 2020

Did I have a diagnostic epiphany?

New 2 Script. Monday, March 4, 2013.. ... A new hypothesis emerged. I spent time checking on my assumptions through the Internet.
January 2020

Physicians versus computers--the wrong question!

New 2 Script. Wednesday, October 12, 2016.. ... But taking the history required some skill and some intuition. Human diagnosis would only work if we paid attention to the technology.
January 2020

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