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Is it time to forgo the handshake?

Sklansky. “We should continue to educate ourselves about the importance of hand hygiene. ... Systematic review of studies on compliance with hand hygiene guidelines in hospital care.
March 2015

Hand hygiene: facilitators and barriers

Hand hygiene: facilitators and barriers. Although there are many papers on hand hygiene, this new one in American Journal of Infection Control caught my eye. ... In this study 3,260 hand hygiene opportunities among 64 ICU nurses in 4 hospitals were
January 2020

Gratuitous hand hygiene post: automated surveillance technology

Gratuitous hand hygiene post: automated surveillance technology. May 5 was Hand Hygiene Day. ... If you’re looking for links to hand hygiene campaign material, the CDC page is a great place to start.
January 2020

Even with the Hawthorne Effect, hand hygiene compliance still hideous

Second, hospitals and health care systems continue to throw hand hygiene programs under the rug. ... and money detecting compliance rates of 22%, which would then require additional investments in proven hand hygiene interventions.
January 2020

Hand hygiene interventions: a network meta-analysis

Hand hygiene interventions: a network meta-analysis. Summer is in full blaze (especially for those inand the western U.S.), so we don't have much time for long posts. ... that utilized a systematic review and network meta-analysis to determine the
January 2020

It's a party! Bring your own alcohol (gel).

The WHO has declared May 5 to be hand-hygiene day. I'd suggest that we all celebrate by washing our hands, but apparently the point is that health care workers ... See, 5 moments for the cinco de Mayo.). This international effort is trying to make hand
January 2020

Yes, we can! Bare below the elbows

We rolled out an educational campaign with a personal infection prevention bundle that had three components: bare below the elbows, hand hygiene before and after patient contact, and stethoscope wipe down
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--tattoo ink poses dangers, CDC says

follow aseptic techniques during tattooing, such as using proper hand hygiene and disposable gloves. ... use registered tattoo parlors;. request inks manufactured specifically for tattoos;. ensure tattoo artists use appropriate hygiene;.
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--New norovirus strain hits Americans in the gut

noted. Proper hand hygiene, environmental disinfection, and isolation of ill persons remain the mainstays of norovirus prevention and control.
January 2020

A semi-terrible, semi-no good, semi-very bad week in a semi-private room

Add to that the additional interruptions, alarms (see below), and frequency with which health care workers moved from one bed to the other without performing hand hygiene, and I am more
January 2020

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