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Hand hygiene and the power of Labbit

Besides hand hygiene, wouldn't it be great if we could get primary care doctors to stop prescribing antibiotics? ... Take for example this recent systematic review on hand hygiene trials by Kingston et al.
December 2019

Huge increase in hand hygiene compliance ... to 32%

This investment might be worth it if (1) the systems accurately measure hand hygiene compliance and (2) are cost effective. ... However, there is no evidence that these systems effectively or cost-effectively sustain hand hygiene compliance improvements.
December 2019

PERSPECTIVES 4 ACP Internist Gluten-free diets have gotten a ...

Horizontal clues1) Fancy word for hand hygiene gels2) An intern in July, for instance3) Opposite of “euboxic”4) Aspirin works by making cells thus via.
August 2014

Orange is the new nudge

There's a very interesting paper in Health Psychology that attempts to identify hand hygiene nudges (free full text here). ... So, a photo of male eyes above the alcohol gel dispenser doubled hand hygiene compliance and citrus smell tripled it.
December 2019

Patient, wash thy own hands!

In infection control this trend has manifest through efforts to have patients monitor and encourage hand hygiene compliance among health care workers. ... In a related trend, there is also increased interest in patients washing their own hands in a
December 2019

Crossed words: Ticked off

1) Fancy word for hand hygiene gels. 2) An intern in July, for instance.
September 2014

Lovin' contact precautions (this time in nursing homes)

The logic: If gowns and gloves are contaminated, the underlying hands would be contaminated if gloves/gowns weren't worn and since no one has ever gotten hand hygiene compliance near ... Unless we can get hand hygiene compliance up to 100%, we better
December 2019

Is hand hygiene prior to nonsterile gloving really necessary?

Importantly, hand hygiene prior to gloving added 31.5 secs to the gloving process. ... Bottom line: this study suggests that hand hygiene prior to gloving is a nonvalue-added activity. .
December 2019

Same data, different conclusion

It has been shown in other studies that hand hygiene is lower prior to contact precautions. ... Hand hygiene before and after patient contact is an essential component of standard precautions.
December 2019

Questions for contact precautions eliminators

Is it that hand hygiene compliance of 34% to 57% is enough to halt all transmission? ... Do you feel similarly about hand hygiene - does hand hygiene not reduce transmission?
December 2019

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