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Increasing colorectal cancer screening

Perhaps more so than other preventive care, colorectal cancer screening has an infamous reputation. ... To examine status quo bias in the setting of colorectal cancer screening, Dr.
January 2019

Parsing the pros and cons of breast cancer screening

way of comparison, colorectal cancer screening gets an “A” grade, indicating clear evidence of benefit, while prostate cancer screening gets a “C,” indicating uncertainty about the balance of benefit and harms. ( ... For colorectal cancer
October 2019

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Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care.Recommendations on screening for colorectal cancer in primary care. ... College of Physicians.Screening for colorectal cancer: a guidancestatement from the American College ofPhysicians.
May 2016

Colorectal screening methods debated

Screening for colorectal cancer: a guidance statement from the American College of Physicians. ... Colonoscopy versus fecal immunochemical testing in colorectal-cancer screening. N Engl J Med.
June 2016

QD: News Every Day--Women might be able to undergo virtual colonoscopies later than men

Women may be able to undergo virtual colonoscopy for colorectal cancer five to 10 years later, researchers found. ... Results appeared online June 10 in CANCER. To assess at what age virtual colonoscopies should first be performed, researchers studied
October 2019

QD: News Every Day--Cancer rates rise by 75% even as specific types of disease fall

Results appeared in The Lancet Oncology on June 1. Worldwide, rates of colorectal cancer, female breast cancer, female lung cancer and prostate cancer will rise in highly developed areas. ... The authors wrote, "Some cancers seem to be positively
October 2019

Is it bad patient behavior or poor doctor-patient communication?

The same phenomenon can be found in studies dealing with exercise, weight loss, colorectal cancer screening, HVP immunization, and patient participation in clinical trials. ... 2008;21:118–127. Taylor, V., et al. "Colorectal Cancer Screening Among
October 2019

Counter-intuitive results: Several cancer screening tests don't improve health outcomes

It was in the spirit of the latter that the National Cancer Institute launched the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian Cancer (PLCO) Screening trial in 1992. ... Although it has largely been supplanted by colonoscopy and CT colonography (aka "virtual
October 2019

QD: News Every Day--Geriatrics society cites 5 more things older patients should question

2) Don’t recommend screening for breast or colorectal cancer, nor prostate cancer with the prostate-specific-antigen test, without considering life expectancy and the risks of testing, overdiagnosis and overtreatment. ... Cancer screening is associated
October 2019

PERSPECTIVES 4 ACP Internist Fulfilling Medicare patients’ requests for ...

Page 10 features an in-depth discussion of colonoscopyand its current and potential future place in screening for colorectal cancer.
June 2014

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